Axis Bank Indianoil vs HDFC Indianoil credit card

Axis Bank Indianoil vs HDFC Indianoil credit card
Axis Bank Indianoil vs HDFC Indianoil credit card

Check below for a comparison between Axis Bank Indianoil vs HDFC Indianoil credit card or IndianOil HDFC Bank vs Axis Bank Indianoil Credit Card and find which is better –

Overview of Axis Bank Indianoil Credit Card

The Axis Bank Indian Oil Credit Card is a jointly branded credit card catering to individuals who regularly utilize their vehicles for commuting or travel.

Users have the opportunity to receive a 5% value back on fuel purchases at Indian Oil stations in the form of fuel points.

Additionally, as a welcome gesture, the card offers up to 1000 reward points for the initial transaction conducted within 30 days of activating the card.

Overview of IndianOil HDFC Bank Credit Card

Procuring fuel through the redemption of fuel points earned from purchases can yield up to 50 liters of free fuel annually.

Moreover, the card provides membership to the IndianOil XTRAREWARDS Program (IXRP), allowing you to redeem fuel points at an attractive rate of 1 FP = Re. 0.96. This rate is highly advantageous.

In addition to fuel, your accumulated points can be used for the redemption of products, vouchers, and various other categories.

The card does come with a nominal joining fee of Rs 500, but this fee can be waived if you spend Rs 20,000 within the first 90 days of card issuance.

Axis Bank Indianoil vs HDFC Indianoil credit card

Features/ChargesAxis Bank Indianoil Credit CardIndianOil HDFC Bank Credit Card
Joining FeesRs. 500Rs. 500
Annual FeesRs. 500Rs. 500
Welcome BenefitsDuring the initial 30 days after activating your card, you’ll be eligible for a complete refund of your fuel expenses, capped at Rs. 250.N/A
Cashback / Rewards pointThe 4% fuel reward applies exclusively to purchases falling within the range of Rs 100 to Rs 5000. The accelerated EDGE RP for fuel is limited to 1000 RP monthly, capping the maximum 4% return on fuel at Rs 5000 per calendar month. While this should suffice for most users, it may be slightly less for car owners, given current fuel prices. Additionally, a 1% fuel surcharge waiver is granted for transactions ranging from Rs 200 to Rs 5000, with a maximum waiver of Rs 50 per statement. This caps the fuel surcharge waiver at Rs 5000 worth of fuel spent in a statement cycle.Earn 5% in Fuel Points on expenditures at IndianOil outlets, groceries, and bill payments. Additionally, accrue 1 Fuel Point for every Rs. 150 spent on other purchases. This credit card presents a noteworthy reward rate of up to 4.8%, establishing it as an advantageous option for both fuel-related costs and regular spending.
Dining benefits
Members holding the card are entitled to enjoy a discount of up to 15% on their dining expenses at affiliated restaurants across India through the Dining Delights initiative.Utilizing this card grants you five times the usual reward points for dining.
Travel benefitsN/AN/A
Annual fees waiver
The annual fee is exempted upon reaching a spending threshold of Rs. 50,000 within a year.The annual fee is not applicable if the cardholder’s yearly spending exceeds Rs. 1,50,000.
Fuel surcharge waiver
Enjoy a 1% fuel surcharge exemption at all fuel stations across India.This card provides a 1% fuel surcharge waiver for transactions at any fuel station in India, applicable when the transaction amount is Rs. 4000 or more.
Axis Bank Indianoil vs HDFC Indianoil credit card-*terms and conditions are applied for every credit card offer, kindly check the official website of Axis Bank and HDFC Bank
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