Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card

The Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card stands as a premium credit card tailored for individuals who frequently indulge in shopping and travel.

Welcoming cardholders with exclusive perks, it offers complimentary membership to Club Vistara, enhancing the travel experience, and provides access to select domestic airport lounges.

In addition to these welcome benefits, the card extends various travel-related advantages, including air accident cover, lost card liability cover, emergency travel assistance, and more.

For a comprehensive understanding of these exclusive benefits, continue reading until the end.

Benefits and Features of Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card

Benefits and FeaturesAxis Bank Privilege Credit Card
Welcome BenefitsUpon payment of the joining fee, cardholders will receive 12,500 EDGE REWARD Points, while Priority Banking customers will enjoy an even higher reward of 6,250 EDGE REWARD Points.
Cashback/Rewards PointsFor every Rs. 200 spent using this credit card, you earn 10 EDGE Points, providing a rewarding system for your expenditures.
Travel BenefitsEnjoy the privilege of complimentary access to domestic lounges every year, enhancing your travel experience with added comfort.
Dining BenefitsCardholders can relish a significant up to 20% discount while dining at over 4,000 partnered restaurants, contributing to a delightful dining experience.
Domestic Lounge AccessOn a quarterly basis, avail yourself of 2 complimentary visits to domestic lounges, providing moments of relaxation and convenience during your travels.
International Lounge AccessN/A
Movie BenefitsN/A
Insurance BenefitsWith this credit card, you receive comprehensive insurance coverage that includes protection for air accidents, coverage for lost or delayed baggage, safeguards for lost travel documents, and purchase protection. This insurance package provides you with added security and peace of mind during your travels and everyday purchases.
*terms and conditions are applied for every credit card, kindly check the official website of Axis Bank

Annual Benefits

The card offers additional reward points and annual fee reversal at the time of the renewal of the card, as per the below details:

  • 3,000 EDGE reward points on the payment of the renewal fee
  • Annual fee reversal on spending Rs. 2.5 lakh or more in a year
  • Spend Rs. 2.50 lakh in a year and convert your earned EDGE reward points into shopping or travel vouchers worth twice the value

Welcome Benefits: Upon acquiring the card, you receive an enticing welcome offer of 12,500 EDGE Reward Points, which can be redeemed for multi-brand vouchers totaling Rs. 5,000. To qualify for this welcome benefit, three transactions must be made within the first 60 days after card issuance. Priority banking customers enjoy an exclusive welcome bonus of 6,250 Edge Rewards by conducting a minimum of three transactions, each valued at Rs. 200, within the initial 90 days.

Milestone Benefits: Upon reaching an annual spending threshold of Rs. 2.5 lakhs, you have the option to convert your accumulated EDGE Reward Points into shopping or travel vouchers, doubling their value.

Travel Benefits: Experience the privilege of 2 complimentary visits to selected domestic airport lounges per calendar quarter.

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Dining Benefits: Indulge in culinary delights with up to a 20% discount at over 4000 partner restaurants through the Axis Bank Dining Delights program.


To know more details about the eligibility for the Axis Bank Privilege Card, kindly read the Axis Bank Privilege Card Eligibility Blog post

Fees & Charges

Fees & ChargesAxis Bank Privilege Credit Card
Joining feeRs. 1,500
Annual feeRs. 1,500
Fee waiverRenewal fee waiver – Get a waiver of the renewal fee on the spending of Rs. 2.5 Lakhs in the anniversary year
Fuel surchargeBenefit from a 1% fuel surcharge waiver on transactions falling within the range of Rs. 400 to Rs. 4,000 at all petrol pumps across India when using this credit card. This feature allows you to save on fuel expenses, making your transactions more cost-effective and convenient*
*terms and conditions are applied for every credit card offer, kindly check the official website of Axis Bank

How to Apply for Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card

You can apply online or offline for this Axis Bank Privilege Card.

Online – Visit axis bank’s official website and apply for this Axis Bank Privilege Card.

Offline – You can visit the nearest Axis Bank branch along with all the necessary documents for the Axis Bank Privilege Card.

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