HDFC Diners Club Black vs Regalia card

Check below for a comparison between HDFC Diners Club Black vs Regalia card or Regalia card vs HDFC Diners Club Black and find which is better –

Overview of HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Credit Card

The credit landscape at HDFC Bank is elevated by the presence of the Diners Club Black Credit Card, an exclusive and upscale offering.

Uniquely fashioned to meet the demands of prosperous individuals, this credit card seamlessly integrates lifestyle and travel essentials.

Cardholders are treated to an extravagant and fulfilling experience, thanks to the card’s remarkable features and advantages.

Providing a 24×7 concierge service, unlimited airport lounge access, complimentary rounds of golf at premier golf destinations worldwide, and a host of other premium privileges, these credit cards are designed for an exclusive clientele.

HDFC strategically targets individuals with a high net worth through these credit card options. If you’re in the market for a premium card, either one is a solid choice, and you can’t go wrong with either.

Opting for the HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card is particularly advantageous for those who foresee a significant proportion of their overall credit card spending on popular apps/websites such as Zomato, Ola, Amazon Prime, BookMyShow, etc.

Overview of HDFC Regalia credit card

Boasting a reward points system, the HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card is designed to cater to the preferences of those inclined towards travel and lifestyle benefits.

Dive into the specifics of this premium credit card, including its features, advantages, fees, and eligibility.

With an annual charge of Rs 2,500, this card welcomes you with a bonus of 2,500 Reward Points.

Across lifestyle, travel, and dining, the card offers multiple benefits, making it one of HDFC’s sought-after credit cards. Upholding its commitment to luxury and travel perks, the HDFC Regalia Card provides complimentary Airport Lounge Access within India and abroad.

For every Rs. 150 spent on the card, you earn 4 Reward Points, redeemable across diverse categories at a value of up to Re. 0.5 per point.

Significantly, the card imposes a low foreign currency markup, making it an optimal choice for international transactions.

Additionally, the card comes with impressive dining benefits and 24X7 Concierge services.

HDFC Diners Club Black vs Regalia card

Features/ChargesHDFC Diners Club Black credit cardHDFC Regalia credit card
Joining FeesRs. 10,000 + taxesRs. 2500 + Taxes
Annual FeesRs. 10,000 + taxesRs. 2500 + Taxes
Welcome BenefitsExpenditure totaling Rs. 1,50,000 or more in the initial 90 days unlocks a welcoming benefit: complimentary annual memberships for Forbes, Club Marriott, Times Prime, MMT Black, Amazon Prime, and a three-month Swiggy One membership.Begin your journey with us and receive a welcome bonus of 2,500 Reward Points.
Cashback / Rewards pointReceive 5 Reward Points for each Rs. 150 spent, while reaping the benefits of 10 times the Reward Points on SmartBuy and double the Reward Points for weekend dining.Earning 4 Reward Points is granted for expenditures of Rs. 150.
Dining benefitsWeekend dining entitles you to a 2X increase in Reward Points.Access the unique dine-out passport membership, receive an extra 5% discount, and enjoy early admission to various festivals and events organized at affiliated hotels.
Travel benefitsAccess national and international lounges for free, receiving complimentary entry.Secure free admission to Domestic and International Lounges, accompanied by Travel Insurance at no extra cost.
Annual fees waiverAn annual fee waiver is granted when your yearly spending exceeds Rs. 5,00,000.Obtain a waiver on the annual fee by reaching a spending threshold of 3 lakhs or more on this card.
Fuel surcharge waiverBenefit from a 1% fuel surcharge waiver when you use this card at any fuel pump in India.Get a 1% fuel surcharge waiver on transactions within the Rs. 400 to Rs. 5000 range.
HDFC Diners Club Black vs Regalia card-*terms and conditions are applied for every credit card offer, kindly check the official website of HDFC Bank
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