Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card

The Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card, introduced by SC Bank in January 2022, is designed for individuals with limited income or those new to the world of credit cards. Priced at a modest joining fee of Rs. 499, this card offers an extended interest-free period for the initial 90 days post-issuance. In terms of cashback advantages, users enjoy a 2% cashback on all online transactions and a 1% cashback on offline expenditures. The potential cashback earnings can reach up to Rs. 1,500 per month or Rs. 18,000 annually.

Furthermore, cardholders have the opportunity to waive the renewal fee of Rs. 499 by spending Rs. 1,20,000 or more in the preceding year. With these compelling savings features, the card is particularly well-suited for individuals who frequently make online purchases and seek to maximize their savings on expenditures.

Benefits and Features of Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card

Benefits and FeaturesStandard Chartered Smart Card
Welcome BenefitsBenefit from an extended 90-day interest-free period starting from the date of card issuance.
Cashback/Rewards PointsEarn a 2% cashback on online transactions and a 1% cashback on offline purchases with this credit card.
Travel BenefitsN/A
Dining BenefitsN/A
Domestic Lounge AccessN/A
International Lounge AccessN/A
Movie BenefitsN/A
Insurance BenefitsN/A
*terms and conditions are applied for every credit card, kindly check the official website of Standard Chartered

Welcome Benefits

As a special introductory perk, cardholders can enjoy an extended interest-free duration by simply fulfilling the minimum payment requirement. This exclusive offer remains valid for the initial 90 days from the card issuance date. It’s important to note that this welcome benefit applies solely to primary cards and does not extend to supplementary credit cards.


Gain a 2% cashback on every online transaction, with a monthly cap set at Rs. 1,000 for this category.
Receive a 1% cashback on all offline expenditures, with a maximum cashback limit of Rs. 500 per month.
Note that no cashback is accrued for fuel transactions.

Eligibility & Document for Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card

Read the article on for Standard Chartered Smart Card Eligibility & Document here.

Fees & Charges

Fees & ChargesStandard Chartered Smart Card
Joining feeRs. 499 + GST
Annual feeRs. 499 + GST
Fee waiverEnjoy an annual fee waiver by meeting the specified spending criteria in the preceding year.
Fuel surchargeA 1% fuel surcharge is applicable at all fuel stations.
*terms and conditions are applied for every credit card offer, kindly check the official website of Standard Chartered

How to Apply for Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card

The application process for the Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card is convenient, offering both online and offline options. To apply offline, visit your nearest SC bank branch and complete the physical application form. For online applications, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button located at the top of the page.
  2. Choose the ‘Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card’ and select ‘Apply Now’ underneath.
  3. If you’re an existing SC Bank customer, click ‘Yes’; otherwise, click ‘No’ and proceed to ‘Next.’
  4. Initiate the application by entering your name and mobile number.
  5. Provide the necessary details in the subsequent steps and carefully upload the required documents.
  6. Receive notification of your application status through SMS or email, indicating approval or rejection.


The Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card, issued by the bank, stands out as a cashback credit card offering attractive rewards for both online and offline expenditures. In comparison, the Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium credit card, also issued by the bank, specializes in providing 1% cashback primarily for frequent fuel purchases. Consequently, the Smart Credit Card emerges as an optimal choice, particularly for those less inclined towards fuel-related spending.

Ideal for credit card beginners seeking maximum savings, this card presents an opportunity to save up to Rs. 18,000 annually through cashback on all transactions, with the additional benefit of waiving the Rs. 499 renewal fee. Noteworthy is the card’s low-interest rate of just 0.99% per month and a zero processing fee on EMI transactions, enabling hassle-free large purchases on instalment plans.

While the card may lack extensive benefits in categories such as travel and entertainment, it proves advantageous for avid online shoppers, aligning with the preferences of individuals who prioritize digital purchases.

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