SBI Cashback credit card vs ICICI Amazon Pay credit card

Check below for a comparison between SBI Cashback credit card vs ICICI Amazon Pay credit card or ICICI Amazon Pay credit card vs SBI Cashback credit card and find which is better –

In the realm of credit cards, the SBI Cashback Credit Card and the ICICI Amazon Pay Credit Card present distinct avenues for rewards and benefits.

While the SBI Cashback Credit Card focuses on cashback perks across various spending categories, the ICICI Amazon Pay Credit Card offers specialized advantages for Amazon enthusiasts.

This comparison delves into the specifics of cashback programs, rewards, fees, and additional perks, empowering you to make an informed decision aligned with your spending patterns and preferences.

Read on to unravel the unique advantages each card holds, guiding you towards a credit card that complements your lifestyle seamlessly.

Overview of SBI Cashback credit card

With the launch of the ‘Cashback SBI Credit Card,’ SBI aims to provide cashback perks to its customers.

This credit card takes the lead in offering substantial value-back, especially for online purchases, making it a top choice for those enthusiastic about shopping.

Renowned for its user-friendly design, this card removes the necessity of monitoring reward points or dealing with their redemption complexities.

The annual fee is set at Rs. 999, but exceeding Rs. 2 Lakhs in spending from the preceding year can exempt you from it.

Users can enjoy a noteworthy 5% cash back on all online and offline transactions with this card, with the cashback seamlessly credited to the cardholder’s account. Additional perks such as a fuel surcharge waiver contribute to its allure.

Overview of ICICI Amazon Pay credit card

Catering to the preferences of Prime users, the Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card stands out as a cashback card, offering an enticing 5% cash back specifically on the Amazon shopping app.

Moreover, it ensures a consistent 1% cashback across all online and offline expenditures, making it a lifelong free credit card.

Designed to accommodate the preferences of online shoppers, the Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card serves as an entry-level co-branded shopping credit card.

Specifically crafted for those who indulge in frequent Amazon shopping, the card provides an enhanced reward rate for such transactions.

However, its basic nature means it lacks the supplementary perks found in more advanced credit cards.

SBI Cashback credit card vs ICICI Amazon Pay credit card

Features/ChargesSBI Cashback Credit cardAmazon Pay ICICI Credit Card
Joining FeesNILNIL
Annual FeesRs. 999 + TaxesNIL
Welcome BenefitsN/AEnjoy the perks of a welcome bonus, ranging from Rs300 to Rs600 in Amazon Pay Balance.
Cashback / Rewards pointThis card offers a 5% cashback for each online transaction and a 1% cashback on offline transactions and utility bill payments.Enjoy a 5% cashback as a Prime member, a 3% cashback if you’re not, and a 1% cashback on any other transactions.
Dining benefitsN/AEnjoy dining out with a significant 15% discount at partner restaurants by using this card through the ‘Culinary Treats program.’
Travel benefitsUnlock the privilege of enjoying four free visits to domestic airport lounges annually with the use of this card.N/A
Annual fees waiverSecure an annual fee waiver upon reaching 2 Lakh in spending with this card.N/A
Fuel surcharge waiverThis card provides a 1% fuel surcharge waiver for transactions between Rs. 500 and Rs. 3,000 at petrol pumps across India.Take advantage of this card’s 1% fuel surcharge waiver, applicable at all fuel stations nationwide.
SBI Cashback credit card vs ICICI Amazon Pay credit card- *terms and conditions are applied for every credit card offer, kindly check the official website axis and sbi bank website

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