Citi Cash Back Credit Card

The Citi Cash Back Credit Card, provided by Citibank, is specifically designed to offer cashback advantages to its users. This credit card allows cardholders to earn cashback rewards on their transactions, typically focusing on specific spending categories like dining, groceries, fuel, or utility bills. The accumulated cashback is deposited into the card account, providing flexibility for users to either redeem it against future purchases or apply it as a credit on their statements. For a more detailed understanding of these benefits and how they work, continue reading.

Benefits and Features of Citi Cash Back Credit Card

Benefits and FeaturesCiti Cash Back Credit Card
Welcome BenefitsN/A
Cashback/Rewards Points
Earn a 5% cashback on payments for utility bills, movie tickets, and telephone bills, providing valuable savings on essential services. Additionally, enjoy a 0.5% cashback on expenditures across all other categories, enhancing the overall cashback benefits of the card.
Travel BenefitsWhile the card doesn’t offer specific travel benefits, its focus on cashback rewards and dining discounts makes it a compelling choice for those prioritizing savings and dining experiences.
Dining BenefitsFor dining enthusiasts, relish a 20% discount on dining bills at partner restaurants, making your culinary experiences even more delightful.
Domestic Lounge AccessN/A
International Lounge AccessN/A
Movie BenefitsN/A
Insurance BenefitsN/A
*terms and conditions are applied for every credit card, kindly check the official website of Citi Bank

Eligibility for Citi Cash Back Card

To know more details about the eligibility for the Citi Cash Back Card, kindly read the Citi Cash Back Card Eligibility Blog post

Fees & Charges of Citi Cash Back Credit Card

Fees & ChargesCiti Cash Back Credit Card
Joining feeRs. 500 (plus applicable taxes)
Annual feeRs. 500 (plus applicable taxes)
Fee waiverN/A
Fuel surchargeEnjoy the convenience of a 1% fuel surcharge waiver when refueling at authorized IndianOil Corporation outlets across all fuel pumps in India with the use of this credit card. This feature adds a cost-saving advantage for cardholders, making fuel transactions more economical and efficient.
*terms and conditions are applied for every credit card offer, kindly check the official website of Citi Bank

Reward Points Redemption

  • The cashback earned on Citibank Cash Back Credit Card is automatically adjusted every month against the card’s statement balance.
  • The cashback can be adjusted against the statement balance of the credit card in multiples of 500 only, i.e. you must have earned a minimum cashback of Rs. 500 for it to be adjusted against your credit card’s statement balance. Also, if the cashback earned is more than Rs. 500, but less than Rs. 1,000, only Rs. 500 will be adjusted against your card’s statement balance in that billing cycle, and the rest amount shall be carried forward to the next billing cycle.

How to Apply for Citi Cash Back Credit Card

You can apply online or offline for this Citi Cash Back Card.

Online – Visit Citi Bank’s official website and submit your application through the online platform for the Citi Cash Back Card.

Offline – Alternatively, you can visit the nearest Citi Bank branch in person and submit your application along with all the necessary documents for the Citi Cash Back Card.

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