Citi Prestige Credit Card

The Citi Prestige Credit Card represents the epitome of luxury in Citibank’s credit card lineup, meticulously crafted to meet the discerning needs of high-net-worth individuals. This exclusive offering brings forth a myriad of privileges, setting it apart as a premium choice for those who seek a superior credit card experience.

At the heart of the Citi Prestige Credit Card are its unparalleled travel benefits. Cardholders gain access to airport lounges around the world, providing a haven of comfort and relaxation amidst their journeys. The inclusion of a priority pass membership further enhances the travel experience, offering a seamless and sophisticated way to navigate through various airports.

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Benefits and Features of Citi Prestige Credit Card

Benefits and FeaturesCiti Prestige Credit Card
Welcome BenefitsAs a delightful welcome gesture, the Citi Prestige Credit Card extends a generous package featuring 2,500 bonus reward points and an exclusive benefit valued at Rs. 10,000, applicable at renowned establishments like ITC hotels or the Taj group.
Cashback/Rewards PointsFor every domestic expenditure of Rs. 100, you earn 1 Reward Point, while international spending grants you 2 Reward Points for every Rs. 100, enriching your rewards portfolio.
Travel BenefitsThe travel benefits of the Citi Prestige Credit Card are truly exceptional. Cardholders enjoy unlimited complimentary access to airport lounges worldwide through the Priority Pass. Additionally, a complimentary extra night is offered at any hotel across the globe for a minimum stay of 4 nights, enhancing your global travel experiences.
Dining BenefitsN/A
Domestic Lounge AccessGet unlimited with Priority Pass (for primary and add-on cardholders).
International Lounge AccessDining enthusiasts will appreciate the focus on international culinary experiences, although specific dining benefits are not explicitly outlined.
Movie BenefitsFor those passionate about cinema, the card offers up to a 50% discount on movie ticket bookings through BookMyShow, creating opportunities for delightful entertainment experiences.
Insurance BenefitsN/A
Golf BenefitsThe Citi Prestige Credit Card brings a touch of luxury to the golf course as well. Cardholders receive four complimentary rounds and lessons of golf annually at over 15 premier golf destinations in India. An extra golf lesson is added for every Rs. 50,000 spent, allowing golf enthusiasts to refine their skills while enjoying the game at exclusive venues.
*terms and conditions are applied for every credit card, kindly check the official website of Citi Bank

Eligibility for Citi Prestige Card

To know more details about the eligibility for the Citi Prestige Card, kindly read the Citi Prestige Card Eligibility Blog post

Fees & Charges of Citi Prestige Credit Card

Fees & ChargesCiti Prestige Credit Card
Joining feeRs. 20,000
Annual feeRs. 20,000
Fee waiverN/A
Fuel surchargeEnjoy the convenience of a 1% fuel surcharge waiver at authorized Indian Oil outlets across all fuel pumps in India when using this credit card. This feature provides a cost-effective advantage, allowing you to save on fuel expenses while enjoying the benefits of using your credit card for fuel transactions.
*terms and conditions are applied for every credit card offer, kindly check the official website of Citi Bank

How to Apply for Citi Prestige Credit Card

You can apply online or offline for this Citi Prestige Card.

Online – Visit Citi Bank’s official website and apply for this Citi Prestige Card.

Offline – You can visit the nearest Citi Bank branch with all the necessary documents for the Citi Prestige Card.

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