Paytm HDFC Credit Card vs Paytm SBI Card

Paytm HDFC Credit Card vs Paytm SBI Card
Paytm HDFC Credit Card vs Paytm SBI Card

Check below for a comparison between Paytm HDFC Credit Card vs Paytm SBI Card or Paytm SBI Card vs Paytm HDFC Credit Card and find which is better:-

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital payment-centric credit cards, the comparison between the Paytm HDFC Credit Card and the Paytm SBI Card emerges as a crucial decision for individuals seeking optimized financial benefits in the digital realm.

The Paytm HDFC Credit Card, a collaborative effort between HDFC Bank and Paytm, offers exclusive rewards and cashback on Paytm transactions, online shopping, and utility bill payments, catering to the digitally inclined consumer.

On the other hand, the Paytm SBI Card, a product of collaboration between Paytm and State Bank of India, provides a unique blend of Paytm benefits coupled with SBI’s renowned services, including cashback on Paytm spends and additional rewards on other categories.

This comprehensive analysis delves into the distinctive features of each card, empowering users to make an informed decision based on their specific digital spending patterns, preferences, and lifestyle choices.

Whether you prioritize exclusive Paytm benefits with HDFC or seek a fusion of Paytm perks and SBI’s reliability, understanding the nuanced features of these credit cards will guide you toward the one that seamlessly aligns with your financial goals and individual aspirations.

Overview of Paytm HDFC credit card

Greeting its patrons with the unique Paytm First Membership, this card provides cardholders with exclusive benefits and special offers within the Paytm app.

Users can avail a cashback ranging from 2% to 3% on purchases made through the app, and a 1% cashback on all other expenditures outside the Paytm platform.

Furthermore, achieving specified spending milestones can unlock additional cashback of up to Rs. 1,200 annually. In terms of fees and charges, the card entails an annual fee of Rs. 500.

Overview of Paytm SBI Card

Developed through a collaboration between SBI Cards and Paytm, the Paytm SBI credit card stands as a co-branded offering.

Users are entitled to a 3% cashback on each Rs 100 spent on Paytm Mall, movies, and travel.

Furthermore, a 2% cashback is granted for purchases made through the Paytm App across various categories, while a 1% cashback applies to other online and offline transactions.

Cardholders also receive a complimentary subscription to Paytm First Membership, featuring benefits with a total worth of up to Rs 25,000.

Additionally, an annual spending of Rs 1,00,000 with this credit card earns a free Paytm First Membership voucher.

Paytm HDFC Credit Card vs Paytm SBI Card

Features/ChargesPaytm HDFC Credit CardPaytm SBI Card
Joining FeesRs 49 + GSTRs 499 + GST
Annual FeesRs 49 + GSTRs 499 + GST
Welcome BenefitsReceive a 3% cashback on Paytm Mall, Paytm Movies, and Mini App transactions, a 2% cashback on additional purchases within the Paytm app, and a 1% cashback on all other expenditures when utilizing this credit card.Enjoy a complimentary Paytm First membership, originally priced at Rs. 899. Upon renewal, a free Paytm First Membership voucher awaits you when your annual spending reaches Rs. 1 lakh.
Cashback / Rewards pointGain a 3% cashback on transactions made on Paytm Mall, Paytm Movies, and the Mini App, along with a 2% cashback for other purchases within the Paytm app. Additionally, earn a 1% cashback on all remaining expenses when using this credit card.Gain a 1% cashback on purchases made at both online and offline establishments, and enjoy an even more substantial 5% cashback on services like travel and movies with each transaction. The best part is, there’s no restriction on the number of times you can take advantage of this cashback opportunity.
Dining benefitsEnjoy savings of up to 20%.Enjoy a 5% cashback on every transaction categorized under dining expenses.
Travel benefitsN/AN/A
Annual fees waiverThe monthly charge of Rs. 50 is exempted when you spend Rs. 5,000 or above within a month.N/A
Fuel surcharge waiverThe 1% fuel surcharge is eliminated for all fuel transactionsReceive a 1% exemption from fuel surcharge for each transaction spanning from Rs.500 to Rs.3,000 when refueling at any petrol station in India.
Paytm HDFC vs Paytm SBI Credit Card- *terms and conditions are applied for every credit card offer, kindly check the official of HDFC Bank and SBI Card
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