SBI Cashback credit card vs HDFC Moneyback credit card

Check below for a comparison between the SBI Cashback credit card vs HDFC Moneyback credit card or HDFC Moneyback credit card vs SBI Cashback credit card and find which is better –

In the dynamic world of credit cards, the SBI Cashback Credit Card and HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card emerge as compelling choices, each offering unique benefits to the discerning cardholder.

The SBI Cashback Credit Card is designed to simplify your spending with straightforward cashback rewards across various categories, providing a seamless and rewarding financial experience.

In contrast, the HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card focuses on rewarding everyday expenditures with cashback benefits, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to maximize their savings on routine purchases.

This comprehensive comparison navigates through the intricacies of cashback programs, rewards, fees, and additional perks, empowering you to make an informed decision aligned with your spending habits and financial objectives.

Explore the distinctive advantages each card holds, guiding you towards a credit card that seamlessly aligns with your individual preferences and financial goals.

Overview of SBI Cashback credit card

The recently launched ‘Cashback SBI Credit Card’ by SBI is geared towards providing cashback privileges to its users.

With a primary emphasis on online spending, this credit card emerges as a top-tier option for those seeking significant value-back, especially in the realm of shopping.

Renowned for its user-friendly features, this card eradicates the need to keep tabs on reward points or navigate the intricacies of redemption.

Though there’s an annual fee of Rs. 999, spending Rs. 2 Lakhs or more in the preceding year can eliminate it.

With this card, one can accrue a maximum of 5% cash back on all online and offline spending, seamlessly deposited into the cardholder’s account.

Supplementary advantages, including a fuel surcharge waiver, further enhance the card’s appeal.

Overview of HDFC MoneyBack credit card

Enjoy an annual welcome and renewal benefit of 500 Cash points upon payment of the joining or renewal fee.

The renewal fee can be waived based on your annual spending. This card entitles you to 4 Reward Points for every Rs. 150 spent online and 2 Reward Points for every Rs. 150 spent on other categories.

Utilize these reward points for cashback, SmartBuy flight/hotel bookings, and a variety of products/vouchers. Furthermore, quarterly spending can earn you gift vouchers every quarter.

SBI Cashback credit card vs HDFC Moneyback credit card

Features/ChargesSBI Cashback Credit cardHDFC Moneyback Credit Card
Joining FeesNILRs. 500 + Taxes
Annual FeesRs. 999 + TaxesRs. 500 + Taxes
Welcome BenefitsN/AGetting 500 Cash Points is a part of the welcome benefit upon payment of the membership fee.
Cashback / Rewards pointTake advantage of a 5% cashback on online transactions and a 1% cashback on offline transactions and utility bill payments with the use of this card.For every Rs 150 spent online, earn 4 Reward Points, and 2 Reward Points are gained on every other expenditure.
Dining benefitsN/ABenefit from reductions of up to 20% on your dining bills with Swiggy Dineout.
Travel benefitsMake the most of this card by receiving four free visits to domestic airport lounges per year.N/A
Annual fees waiverBy spending 2 Lakh with this card, secure an exemption from the annual fee.If you exceed Rs. 50,000 in expenditures in the last year, the annual fee is nullified.
Fuel surcharge waiverMake use of this card to benefit from a 1% fuel surcharge waiver on transactions ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 3,000 at petrol pumps across India.For all fuel transactions, the 1% fuel surcharge is waived.
*terms and conditions are applied for every credit card offer, kindly check the official website of sbi card and hdfc bank
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