IDFC First Private Credit Card

IDFC First Bank recently unveiled a premium card known as the IDFC First Private Credit Card. This exclusive card is available only through invitation from IDFC First Bank and is designed for individuals with high net worth.

The card comes with a substantial annual membership fee of Rs. 50,000, providing a plethora of enticing benefits spanning diverse categories such as travel, entertainment, lifestyle, rewards, and charitable contributions. Beyond conventional reward points, this credit card introduces Karma Points, earned by reaching a specific monthly expenditure threshold, which is then directed towards charitable causes in the cardholder’s name.

For IDFC First Private cardholders, the potential to accrue up to 10x Reward Points on their expenditures adds a compelling dimension to the card’s appeal. These accumulated points can be redeemed across a wide array of options, enhancing the overall value proposition for cardholders.

Benefits and Features of IDFC First Private Credit Card

Benefits and FeaturesIDFC First Private Credit Card
Welcome BenefitsN/A
Cashback/Rewards PointsEarn 3 Reward Points on every Rs. 100 spent offline and 6 RPs on every Rs. 100 spent online using Private Credit Card
Travel BenefitsFree airport lounge access and spa sessions every year on this Private Credit Card
Dining BenefitsN/A
Domestic Lounge AccessGet 4 complimentary domestic lounge access every quarter
International Lounge AccessGet 4 complimentary international lounge access every quarter
Movie BenefitsGet up to Rs. 750 discount on movie/non-movie bookings via BookMyShow using Private Credit Card
Insurance BenefitsGet an air accident cover worth Rs. 1 crore and cover for delay or loss of check-in baggage
*terms and conditions are applied for every credit card, kindly check the official website of IDFC First Bank

Karma Points

Once you reach a monthly spend of Rs. 30,000 on your IDFC First Private Credit Card, you become eligible to earn Karma Points based on your spending. Here’s how the Karma Points system works:

  • You earn 1 Karma Point for every Rs. 100 spent.
  • It’s important to note that certain transactions do not accrue Karma Points. These include fuel purchases, insurance transactions, EMIs, cash withdrawals, rent payments, and others.

When it comes to redeeming Karma Points, the following guidelines apply:

  • 1 Karma Point is equivalent to Re. 0.25.
  • You have the flexibility to change your chosen charity by contacting the VIP Access number. By default, the CRY Foundation is set as the chosen charity.
  • Once you accumulate a minimum of 20,000 Karma Points in your account, those points will be donated to the charity of your choice.

Remember to refer to the official IDFC First Bank website or contact their customer service for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the earning and redemption of Karma Points on the IDFC First Private Credit Card.

Golf Benefits

As a cardholder of the IDFC First Private Credit Card, you can enjoy the benefit of one complimentary golf round and lesson every month.

To be eligible for free golf lessons, you need to meet certain spending requirements:

  • If you spend Rs. 20,000 or more in a particular month, you become eligible for one complimentary golf lesson.
  • For spending above Rs. 40,000 in a month, you can avail two complimentary golf lessons.

This allows you to not only enjoy a round of golf but also improve your skills through professional lessons provided by the card’s benefits.

Eligibility & Document for IDFC First Private Card

Read the article on for IDFC First Private Card Eligibility & Document here.

Fees & Charges

Fees & ChargesIDFC First Private Card
Joining feeRs. 50,000
Annual feeRs. 50,000
Fee waiverN/A
Fuel surcharge1% fuel surcharge waiver on all fuel purchases
*terms and conditions are applied for every credit card offer, kindly check the official website of IDFC First Bank

How to Apply for IDFC First Private Credit Card

You can apply online or offline for this IDFC First Private Card.

Online – Visit IDFC First Bank‘s official website and apply for this IDFC First Private Card.

Offline – You can visit the nearest IDFC First Bank branch with all the necessary documents for the IDFC First Private Card.

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